Overcoming Panic Attacks

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Did you ever get confused about that sudden feeling you had while strolling inside the mall? That feeling you got when you felt your heart pounding heavily and erratically after getting surrounded by a crowd of people? Or maybe you have had cases wherein you almost fainted after having an abrupt sense of fear while doing the groceries? How about while doing other things, in a different environment? If you answered yes then you probably survived cases of panic attacks in the past.

Panic attacks are unforeseen bouts of terror or fear, mostly occurring without having any obvious causes that could have triggered them. These attacks are not remote though. They can happen to anyone as these attacks are effects of misinterpretation of ordinary situations as distressing and dreadful events. Panic attacks happen after chemicals in the brain backfire. Enough said.

Now for most people who already survived their first case of these anxiety attacks, they may have developed a fear of having more of these attacks and as a result cause themselves even more stress. In order to survive recurring cases of panic attacks and avoiding them, here are some foolproof tips that would make your worries go away:

Keep a well-balanced diet. It may be surprising to hear this but yes, food contributes to your body's condition in ways you can only imagine. Anxiety and panic attacks are chemically triggered and thus, any imbalance in your bodily chemicals can and may eventually result to having these types of attacks. Avoid the excessive and stick to a tried and tested diet that follows the suggested recommended daily allowance of an average person. Reducing your intake of unnecessary oil by avoiding fast food, consuming wheat products such as cereals or oats, and eating more fish and poultry instead of red meat is a good start.

Push yourself to follow an exercise routine. Let's face the facts, doing exercise is more beneficial than it is detrimental. Sometimes panic attacks are caused by stress and/or excessive levels of adrenaline. Instead of just storing all those adrenaline in your body, it is exponentially better to make use of it by doing something productive such as exercising. Following a specific exercise routine will not only reduce the risk of having recurring anxiety attacks but also help you to stay in shape.

Look for a person you can trust. Sometimes it can really help to open up to someone whom you know you can confide in. With all the pressure we get from day to day life there comes a time when things start to get way out of hand and having a listening ear can help ease your burden. Keeping things bottled inside will not help in avoiding having panic attacks. Besides, things left corked in will find their way out sooner or later.

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Overcoming Panic Attacks

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This article was published on 2010/10/03