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It is not easy to deal with panic attacks. Most of the time, they occur randomly so the sufferers of these attacks just lose control in the most normal of situations. Looking at it, these attacks do not really cause harm to other people and to the sufferer. This is merely a feeling of immense amount of fear and a desire to escape from something. This only causes trouble to the sufferer and to the people with him or her when the sufferer is currently doing something that requires concentration at the onset of the attack.

One very concrete example of this is when the person is driving. A person who is driving and suddenly experiences an attack can have difficulty staying in control and can cause harm to himself and to the people riding in the car with him. This is when it gets serious.

These attacks are not indications of a severe psychological disorder. Of course, these attacks are treatable. The condition may worsen and develop into an anxiety disorder but if it gets resolved while it is still in the early stages, it will be gone and the patient will be as if nothing has happened. Panic attacks are not easy to treat though so the patients would have to work really hard for this condition to disappear.

Patients would first need to have a deep understanding of what they are going through so they would be aware of what to do before an attack reaches its peak. A normal panic attack starts without warning so it is important to be ready anytime. The most common symptom of a panic attack is trembling or shaking. Since the person will begin to feel fear, her muscles will begin to react negatively.

The person could begin to feel extremely cold or hot depending on the situation. Hot and cold flashes are not as common as dizziness and muscle tension but if you begin to have these in an otherwise normal temperature, you really might be having an attack.

The first thing you should do in an occurrence of an attack is to convince yourself that what you are going through is not real. This will be extra hard because once the attack gets in your system, your brain will be almost shut off. It will be only your senses that will be working. Instead of thinking, you will only be 100% feeling. Since the brain would not be working, your body will react mainly according to your senses.

Convincing yourself of what is real will take extra hard work but once you get around to it, you will be safe from harm. You have to keep in mind that panic attacks just last for 10 minutes. Once they have reached the peak, they will go away. For some people, the attacks are not recurrent and that is fortunate. For those unfortunate to have recurring attacks, they should really work hard on concentrating and trying to act on a severe situation. This will be hard but will be a lot easier with help from the right people.

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Panic Attack How To's

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This article was published on 2010/10/02