Tips For Panic Attacks

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Sometimes you face a situation where your body reacts suddenly without giving any kind of indication. Like, you feel butterflies when you are waiting for your result. Your heart beats are raised when you want to ask your boss about increasing your salary. You breathe faster while giving an interview for a job. Getting butterflies, raised heartbeat, breathing fast, sweating, headaches, etc. might be the symptoms of panic attacks.

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are sudden, unexpected, natural reaction of a body to a situation that you want to escape from. In other words, it is a fear for particular situation for which you are not ready. These attacks are usually unprovoked and disabling. Whenever you have a panic attack your body may indicate certain symptoms like chest pains, stomach upset, dizziness, nausea, difficulty in breathing, sweating, fear of dying, numbness in hands, etc. Being a natural attack, panic attacks lasts for several minutes and escort to heart attack and serious anxiety disorders.

Tips for Panic Attacks

The main beneficial method is to find some time out of busy schedule to sit back and relax. This will reduce burden and stress, which is very necessary to think again over certain situation in a different manner. When you are relaxing, close your eyes and try to manipulate certain thoughts that were the reason for our panic attack.

Most of these attacks are and can be cured by practicing breathing techniques. In this technique, you learn to control breathe and also functioning of some body parts up to certain extent. Meditation is also another technique to follow.  If your panic attacks are rigorous or still continuously getting anxiety disorders then you have to opt for medications.

Alternative therapies are always successful if your attacks are not maintained. It is very serious if your stress and burden have reached to the topmost point of panic attack as it becomes unmanageable. There you need to try simple therapy of different thinking and guidance from professional. You need a thorough study of your attacks to choose correct remedy for yourself.

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Tips For Panic Attacks

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This article was published on 2010/04/02